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Jenny Mohsen

I have been painting since I could hold a paintbrush. Art has always been a big part of my life, an unwavering passion, at times challenging my perception yet never failing to amaze me. Art compels continual responses and has taken me into personal journeys. My art aims to trigger emotions in people, whatever they are, be it positive or negative.
In my struggle to find my own style, I experimented with alternative materials such as synthetics, metals and plastic as opposed to ordinary canvas. My knowledge in colour composition has helped me in creating my very own radiant shades, brighter than those commercially available, which has always been one of my prime objectives as an artist. Colour is the language I use to express my relationship with people and places. I work with a range of media to explore colour, its visual tones and emotive values.
Influence by my travels and nourished by my nomadic background, my work is infused with a free spiritedness that I believe is very much my own. I now produce what comes spontaneously to me. I mostly sketch first and then make a decision on the colour scheme. I paint things as I think them and not necessarily as I see them.
My work is aimed at inspiring others to explore limitless possibilities in spirit, body and mind. Through my work, I wish to remind people of their fullest and authentic expression and possibly encourage them to break free of conditioning, rules and fears.
I have exhibited at the World Bank in Washington D.C.; for UNESCO; in several countries across Europe; China and the United Kingdom. My work also forms part of several private collections.

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