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Jack Sawbridge

About Jack Sawbridge:
Jack studied Architecture at the University of Nottingham graduating from the Diploma with a Distinction. It was at University that Jack started to develop his geometric experiments by setting functioning, musical strings against twisting, wooden armatures. A piece from his student work (Nicodean Apparatus 5) was selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2011. The renowned art critic Brian Sewell rated the piece as one of his top ten works of the Summer Exhibition in article for the Evening Standard. Since graduating from University in 2011 Jack has continued his journey of making and incorporated new mediums into his working methods including Blow Molded Glass and Illumination.

In 2012 Jack has been busy exhibiting across the UK at shows such as The Other Art Fair and has recently returned from his first international show at the GAA Amsterdam Showcase. Very recently Jack's sculpture Ligament Goniometer 1 has been shortlisted for the Cork Street Open in London.

About the Goniometers:
"These 3 series of devices are all measuring apparatus that uses tension, resonance and light to test the deteriorating flexibility in a Ballet Dancer's joints, ligaments and tendons. They interact with the creaking and crunching of the petrifying joints. Henri Bergson in his 'Essay on the Meaning of the Comic' talks of a duality in human form between the 'graceful', 'supple' soul that is “subject to no law of gravitation” and the 'mechanical', 'petrifying' body that holds it back. These resonant machines are to be used to provide a geometric analysis of how the petrifying body thwarts the fleeting soul of a ballet performer.

The tuning systems of the guitar type strings are connected to blow molded glass vessels that model the gravity that the body imposes on the geometric systems. The level of water in these vessels is a means of calibrating the Goniometer for different readings of the different figures as well as becoming a sound box for the strings."

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