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Maryam Hafizirad

Maryam Hafizirad is an Iranian painter, born 1980 in Esfahan, who is deaf. Maryam graduated from Esfahan University of Fine Arts in 2002. Maryam’s first exhibition was in Iran at the age of 18. Since then her work has been shown individually and as part of the artistic group “Farda”, meaning “Tomorrow”, in major cities of Iran, China, Germany, Malaysia and India.

Following her heart’s desire and performing well-beyond the imagined limitations of her hearing impairment, Maryam is a full-time artist today. Her passion for painting is the greatest engine driving her to succeed in a hearing world.

Let the artist share her world with you. Every artist has their own way conveying their arts. Maryam shares her exceptional vision of a silent universe through the metaphor of an underwater scene.

Following the Persian classical painting in her early works, Maryam used human characters in her paintings. In the second generation of her work she realized this line was not projecting the essence of her ideas. She began using the symbols of God, Love, life, water and fish which become her true secret code in art. For instance, water reflects purity and its fish mirror the sincere human being. You can see the fish in most of her themes, in keeping with the artist’s unique method; while maintaining Iranian values and tradition.

She says:

“I would like to invite you to discover Persian nature, tradition, philosophy and culture through my art as I fuse an array of colors, textiles and techniques in a unique creative form. Rather than to confine my art to traditional works on paper of my heritage, I decided instead to experiment on fabric.

Art is a living, unfettered realm where most of my paintings have roots in divine values…

The source of my painting is a strange, God-given urge to create, just as life first rose from the sea.

“Welcome to my Fish-World”

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