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Chris Billington

Chris Billington – Re-born to paint


A Cornish abstract minimalist painter and printmaker, my paintings are created in my studio on The Lizard and I produce my prints in London.   I paint full time, principally in acrylic, but occasionally in oil & alkyd. 


Despite the fact that my picture-making bears no particular alleigance to one mode or another, and that I vary my painting techniques, my work - from geometric forms and intersecting lines, through the purely metaphysical -  is always about using colour as a building block.   My paintings are about energy - with a focus on expression through vibrant colour - mine is a visual communication of optimism


Through the physicality of the painted surface I aim to engage the viewer with a sense of feeling, of vitality, of being alive, connecting through the innate emotion of colour  


My work emphasises the importance of simplicity, whilst maintaining a respect for, and an understanding of, basic design, and utilizing a palette, which maximises the visual and emotional impact of colour.


Using colour as construct, as structure itself, my work is honest and pure.  My bold, dynamic forms, sometimes beguilingly simple, are always underpinned by my connection with the Cornish sea and landscape.   My paintings are saturated colour spaces, infused with the atmosphere and colours of Cornwall.  Full of autobiographical reference points they reflect the way that the land that I grew up in has impacted on my work.


My work is now in many international private collections, including Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and New York and several of my paintings are now in the permanent public collection of the Julich Museum, Germany.

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Art work by Chris Billington

Art work By Chris Billington

Signs, Secrets & Symbols

Chris Billington following the Bournmouth exhibition